It All Starts with a Conversation: Trauma Counseling from Corona’s L. Alan Wager, LMFT

Trauma comes in many forms, and the resulting stress manifests itself differently in everyone. No matter your process in recovery, the first step in trauma counseling is establishing a safe environment. Your trust is my priority. From my Corona office, we create a space where you feel empowered to engage in honest conversations, always working at your speed and comfort level. Together we begin to make sense of your past and develop the tools to overcome it. As a survivor of incest and child of an alcoholic, my own history provides me with a deep understanding of your need to not only recover, but to rewrite your story.

Though I cannot take away what happened, I can help you understand it on a deeper level. Many of us learn to stifle our pain as a means of protection. We may also develop negative beliefs or patterns of behavior that ultimately create additional challenges in daily life. Navigating such difficult and potentially paralyzing feelings on your own may seem daunting. That’s why I’m here. We work together to honor your pain and grant yourself boundless permission to feel whatever you need to. By looking into these feelings and facing them, we walk toward understanding, self-compassion, and acceptance.

PTSD Treatment from a Therapist Who Understands

PTSD treatment allows you to confront and move beyond the abuse or trauma you survived. You are capable of overcoming the worst, and in that process, I am your advocate. Together, we walk through your pain and help you find strength in healing.

Though it may be easy to isolate yourself or withdraw from relationships out of fear or distrust, I will show you the beauty of reengaging in these connections with others. I help you rediscover your own intrinsic worth and remember that you are not defined by the challenges you have faced. We will rewrite the narratives you have told yourself, as you find the inner strength and empowerment to embrace your full, uninhibited potential.

Drawing from the lotus analogy, even those rooted in the muddiest waters have the capacity to become one of the world’s greatest gifts. Your past does not dictate your present, and you deserve the freedom of acceptance. I’ll help you take back your power and reclaim your life—the one you feel you are meant to live. Call, text, email, or fill out my contact form—whichever is easiest. Let’s talk.