Seeking Individual Therapy? Talk to Corona’s L. Alan Wager, LMFT

Seeking Individual Therapy? Talk to Corona’s L. Alan Wager, LMFTYou’ve spent your whole life navigating unique trials and triumphs, growing every moment into the person you are today. But feelings or disorders such as anxiety and depression might leave you feeling stuck or even powerless. If past or present circumstances—or your perceptions of those circumstances—make it hard to navigate your life, come visit my Corona office for individual therapy. Together, we make sense of your past and pave the way toward a better future.

Through one-on-one sessions, individual therapy helps you unpack the complex thoughts you normally keep to yourself. Emotions and ideas spurred on by anxiety, depression, and trauma do more than inhibit your growth. They impact all aspects of your life, from your work-life to your relationships. Together, we work to make sense of your feelings, behaviors, and connections with others. My role is to help you in your search for clarity. I’ll help you remember that, like a lotus flower, no amount of mud can impede your ability to bloom.

A Mental Health Counselor Who Welcomes All

It’s easy to grow accustomed to a single story of yourself. Challenging that narrative requires commitment. By working with a mental health counselor like me through individual therapy sessions, you get the support you need to face the confusion head-on and challenge limiting self-beliefs. We are all multifaceted and full of beautiful contradictions. I help you recognize—and celebrate—these aspects of yourself to create a more well-rounded self-image.

I work with anyone age 14 and older, of any background, belief system, ethnicity, gender, or sexuality. Whether you need help setting and achieving your goals or developing coping skills, I am here to listen and guide. No matter where you come from, what you have endured, or what kind of help you seek, I accept you the way you are and provide the help you need to do the same. We cannot begin to move forward until we decide we are deserving of a better future.

I believe in the worth of all people. I believe in you. Call, text, email, or fill out my contact form. Reach out however work’s best for you. Let’s talk.