ApproachThe primary component for successful therapy is “relationship.”

It is my belief that the primary goal of successful therapy is not change just for the sake of change itself, but is in becoming by discarding those false beliefs that obscure your authentic self.

Progress is made when we expand hope to embrace the limitless possibility of life. Unencumbered by external and internal definitions of “Me” the path becomes ever clearer.

My therapeutic process draws not only from evidence-based psychological theory, but is also influenced by Eastern and Western philosophy, faith traditions, the story tellers, and more importantly through hearing of the personal struggles and courageous acts of clients. My aim is to acknowledge your own beliefs, while providing a firmly secular practice.

Therapy is the process of ἀλήθεια.

ἀλήθεια comes from the Greek word “Aletheia,” Which translates to uncovering or revealing truth. The main takeaway is that therapy is a verb. It’s a process. Your process takes the form of a path–A path that I am honored to walk with you.

We will walk together, on your journey inward, sharing ideas and building courage to face your struggles, pains, and challenges.

My Responsibility

You come to therapy for solace and answers, with your own history to reconcile. It is my job to provide you support without judgment, in a safe and secure environment to help you challenge negative beliefs about yourself.

Providing you therapy is my passion, and I take my role seriously. That means I will support you, but I will also challenge you.

Truth is the outcome. This may seem like a weighty goal, but you deserve it.