L. Alan Wager, LMFT, a Corona-Based Therapist for Teens

The transitions through your teenage years often add stress, confusion, isolation, and several other challenges to your life. As a therapist for teens, I help anyone age 14 and older navigate this time. Join me at my Corona office for guidance through life’s obstacles. We’ll develop lasting tools to better express and embrace your thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and relationships.

With your whole life ahead of you, your decisions may feel daunting. Distracting thoughts and complex feelings make it hard to understand your place in the world around you. Rather than continue to withhold or resent harmful patterns of thinking, we start by consciously recognizing these thoughts and beginning to change them. I help you rewrite your inner narrative, rediscover your best version of self, and embrace the possibilities that await.

Come See a Teen Counselor Today

Life can be challenging, especially as a teenager, and especially in today’s world. As an experienced teen counselor, my goal is to offer you lasting strategies to navigate life’s demands and seize its opportunities. Whether you are struggling with school, family, or persistent social pressures, I lend an understanding ear and practical, attainable solutions.

With growing autonomy, increased awareness, and heightened responsibilities, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. But this time in your life also presents bountiful opportunities for self-discovery. I’m here to guide you through these transitions—to navigate the stresses and realize the prospects they offer.

We begin by creating a shared trust. Starting from a place where you are free to express your thoughts and conflictions, we move toward acceptance. I offer you the space to process these feelings and gain a deeper understanding of your emotions, so you are better equipped to handle them. When you feel better, you see the world more positively too. You deserve joy. You deserve reassurance. I am here to help you find it. Call, text, e-mail, or fill out my contact form—whatever works best. Just reach out. Let’s talk.