Secular Therapy

People seeking therapy are looking for answers to their problems. Adding stress by being told that you need to pray more, or that you have been a sinner, won’t help you solve anything.

My therapy with you is reality-based, with an honest appraisal of what works and what doesn’t in your life.

Truth is the answer.

But it’s found through challenging your own beliefs about your place in this world — not through dogma or mythical figures.

I respect your religious beliefs.

Do you struggle with your own questions or doubts about your faith tradition?

If so, my practice is one in which you can discuss those doubts openly. When one questions those beliefs that have been held for their entire life, and possibly for generations, your own emerging philosophy of a life without God can be quite complicated.

If you have searched for therapy that doesn’t use religious dogma as an intervention you’ve come to the right place.